Magali Berdah, boss of reality TV, interferes in the presidential election

“Je represents the person who does not vote. “Agent of the most influential personalities of reality TV, Magali Berdah invites herself into politics. Goal of this 40-year-old businesswoman: invite presidential candidates to her new YouTube channel. In addition to politics, it will address three other themes (influence, economy and society).

Your direct and voluble, Magali Berdah had always claimed that politics, “it’s not (his) thing”. The business manager has set herself the challenge of making it “accessible to all” with her new show. First interview, from Sunday January 23: the far-right presidential candidate Éric Zemmour. “My goal is to go into immersion with each of the candidates, to try to understand who they are, without prejudice or a priori”, summarizes the one who says that she has so far only voted once, at 18, “to please” his grandmother.

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Pioneer of influencer agents in France

Magali Berdah is the boss of Shauna Events, one of the most important influencer agencies in France, located near the avenue des Champs-Élysées, in Paris. Entry into the ranking of the 40 women who marked the year 2021 by Forbes France, she evokes a turning point in her life. “Today I have a business, I have people to manage, I have responsibilities, I have children,” she says. “I can’t hold a government accountable if I don’t vote myself, so I’ll find out. »

In his viewfinder: “all those who do not understand and who are not interested in politics”. And they are many. According to her, “the candidates are boring”. “When I listen to them talk, I pick up after two minutes. The main interested party claims to have already received positive responses from several candidates. For her, the fact that they agree to be followed by people “like her” says a lot about the evolution of the political landscape.

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She “did it”

Magali Berdah has managed to find a place for herself in this environment thanks, in particular, to monetization on social networks, such as when reality TV candidates are paid by brands to place products on their accounts. A sometimes controversial practice. Raised by her grandparents in Saint-Tropez, this figure of reality TV “drooled” to get there.

To help her grandmother, the entrepreneur started working in catering at the age of 13 and a half, during the weekends and during the holidays. “It was hard, but without it I wouldn’t be who I am today,” says the host of princes of lovealso a columnist for four years on Cyril Hanouna’s show Do not touch My TV !.

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