Magali Ripoll (Don’t forget the lyrics) with short, natural hair: her hair-raising holiday photo

A new look that unanimously seduced its subscribers. Many people have complimented her. “Natural life, nothing like it! Same here! Kisses from Brittany”, “Wow”, “You are very good like that… Just the toothbrush then”, “Radiant as always”, “Very beautiful, big kisses”, “Superb photo“, we were able to read among the comments. Enough to make the holiday even better for the star of Do not forget the lyrics.

When she is not there, Magali Ripoll is missed by the public. As proof last January, she was absent from a few shows. Internet users then flooded her with messages to find out what was going on. “I’m fine, thank you very much. I’m not in Do not forget the lyrics at the moment because I was absent during filming. Because I was much less in shape than today, but there I am on the job, I have the banana, I have the potato, I have the peach“, she had then confided.

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