Magalie Vaé: this drama that she experienced just before her registration at the Star Academy

Friday June 2, 2023, in the program “Chez Jordan” broadcast on C8, Magalie Vaé returned to her adventure at Star Academy and recounted the terrible tragedy that affected her just before her registration.

“I did the Star Ac’ in a somewhat special context. It is in these terms that Magalie Vaé began her interview with Jordan de Luxe. Invited to C8 on Friday June 2, 2023, the winner of season 5 has indeed agreed to come back to her adventure. Faced with the host, she thus recounted having started after having experienced a terrible tragedy. “I signed up for the castings, I lost my grandmother in December 2004. She had Alzheimer’s disease.” confided Magalie Vaé. According to her, she therefore never knew her maternal grandmother “normally”. Besides, it was she who dreamed of having a singer in the family. “The day of his funeral I promised him that I would give myself the means to realize my dream but also his. That’s why I called to pass the casting otherwise I would never have done it.” then explained the 36-year-old woman who paid tribute to him in her second album on the title “My guardian angel.”

Magalie Vaé: what did she do with her earnings?

By participating in season 5 of Star Academy, Magalie Vaé has indeed succeeded in making her dream come true since she won the final. Thanks to her victory, she left with a check for one million euros. A sum that she quickly squandered. As she also confided on the small screen, she now lives “like everyone else”. “Now I live normally like everyone else” assured Magalie Vaé. If the host wished to know more about his income per month, the mother of the family did not give any details. “Like Mr. and Mrs. everyone. We know how much life costs, I pay my bills it’s already not bad.” she explained.

In February, on the show TPMP People, Magalie Vaé had already confided in the jackpot she had received. And she had notably told how she had squandered everything. “I was 18 already. We make bad choices, we meet bad people, in the profession or in private life. 1 million we say to ourselves that we have time. It goes faster than we think. I think so. I had never paid taxes in my life, I did not know how much they were going to take from me…” she said.

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