Magdalena Breska: She had to undergo emergency surgery

Magdalena Brzeska (42) is struggling with the consequences of an accident. The former competitive athlete fell on a bike and had to have an operation on her wrist. In an Instagram story, she thanks her for the recovery wishes and holds her plaster arm in the camera. But what had happened? In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, she describes how the accident came about.

She went on a mountain bike tour around the Alpsee with her boyfriend Roland and a friend, Brzeska. "I wanted to drive around two pedestrians, but realized too late that two cyclists were coming towards me. I hit the brakes immediately, but then I went straight over the handlebars and landed with my full weight on my left wrist," says the 42-year-old continue. You immediately saw that something had broken. The diagnosis: a complicated splinter fracture on the left wrist and three severed tendons.

There are long-term consequences

That was the worst injury in her life, said the ex-gymnast, who underwent emergency surgery for four hours on Sunday evening. She has hellish pain and countless screws in her hand. "The doctor told me that the healing process would take a very, very long time. In the worst case, I will no longer be able to stretch my fingers," explains Brzeska. In spite of everything, she was lucky in misfortune: "Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet and I am not injured on the head."

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