Magdalensberg summit – after parking errors, drove over steep meadows

A 41-year-old car driver from the Klagenfurt-Land district had to be admitted to the Klagenfurt Clinic with a severe shock on Wednesday afternoon after she had shifted into the wrong gear when reversing out of the parking lot at the Magdalensberg summit house and slipped more than 100 meters over a steep meadow .

The woman wanted to reverse out of a parking space at the summit house on Magdalensberg shortly after 4 p.m. when she obviously found the wrong gear. As a result, she drove forward, pushed through a wooden fence in the parking lot and drove more than 100 meters over a steep meadow.

“She managed to bring her car to a standstill just in front of a group of trees. Fortunately, the car didn’t overturn, ”says a policeman.

The woman was uninjured, but had to be taken to the Klinkum Klagenfurt due to a severe shock. The car was totaled. The Ottmanach fire brigade was called in for the clean-up work.