Magimix celebrates mothers!

Until June 20, the French manufacturer is offering an immediate 10% discount on the purchase of a Cook Expert and up to 350 euros in gifts with the Aufeminin code. The famous multifunction robot of the brand benefits from 150 euros of free accessories. A great gift idea to celebrate moms… like dads!

On the occasion of Mother’s Day and until the end of spring, Magimix puts good meals within everyone’s reach! An opportunity not to be missed, to offer your mother or the mother of your children the best culinary assistant made in Montceau-les-Mines. Choose, among the stars of Magimix robots, the devoted and remarkably efficient assistant who will facilitate the daily preparation of simple or refined recipes, to share with two, four, ten or fifteen people!

The Cook Expert at € 1,080 instead of € 1,200 with the code Feminine, plus 300 euros in gifts

Launched in 2015, the Cook Expert is THE star of the kitchen. The device on which the guests pose a curious, admiring and greedy gaze. And for good reason, it is quite simply the most complete robot cooker on the market. The only one that combines both the tools necessary for preparing the ingredients, and the cooking methods suitable for a multitude of recipes.

The Cook Expert indeed integrates all the accessories of the multifunction robots. It therefore has three plastic bowls which, associated with the metal knife and the four slicing and grating discs made by the cutler Sabatier de Thiers, allow you to cut, chop, grate, mince all the fruits, vegetables and meats in a handful of seconds. Ideal for preparing a homemade soup in sufficient quantity to satisfy the appetite of 4 gourmets for four or five days in a row. Or to concoct delicious smoothies or milkshakes. And of course, the Cook Expert is just as suitable for kneading bread dough, pastries or pastries. In short, he is a real little mechanical clerk, who frees you from the most tedious tasks, but essential to the design of homemade dishes prepared from fresh and healthy foods.

The Cook Expert is also a valuable culinary assistant who guides you through all the stages of making a hot or cold recipe. You will find 300 of them in the cookbook supplied with the appliance, and thousands more on the Magimix app. Created by Magimix and by the huge community of users, they are classified by theme, ingredients, preparation time, calories or, even, by their cost. And every day, new recipes appear, quickly tested, commented on and improved by enthusiasts.

At the time of posting this article, cod acras, a Thai soup and a charlotte with a fruit and chocolate cocktail have just been added to the farandole of dishes shared by the community. And always with the same attention to detail. The lists and weights of ingredients, the necessary accessories, cooking methods and times are precisely indicated. Will you believe it? Even without the slightest knowledge in cooking, a novice makes recipes as technical as custard, a béarnaise sauce or a sabayon! And he manages to cook fish fillet and crunchy vegetables to perfection, using the stainless steel steamer basket supplied with the Cook Expert. Preparations that many beginners thought until now reserved for the most talented cooks.

Not only do you have no more excuses for putting on the apron, but experience shows that you really enjoy it. Quickly, confidence sets in, and you embark on more ambitious recipes that will delight your whole tribe. The efficiency of the Cook Expert also encourages you to concoct large quantities of food at once. It is then enough to keep them in the fridge or in the freezer, in anticipation of the days when the time or the inclination is lacking to put in the stove. Especially since with its 3.5-liter stainless steel tank, the Cook Expert allows you to prepare preparations for twelve people in one go. Want even more? So push the limits even further with the Cook Expert XL!

The Cook Expert XL at € 1,260 instead of € 1,400 with the code Feminine, plus 350 euros in gifts

It imposes some, the Cook Expert XL, with its 4.8 liter tank. This container allows you to prepare recipes for up to sixteen gourmets. Too much for you? On the contrary ! Navarins, risottos, curries, tagines … All these dishes, all the more tasty as they are cooked in large quantities, will find their place in the large container. Ideal to satisfy the appetites of teenagers at dinner, and just as practical for a healthy lunch at work.

The Cook Expert XL is also suitable for making soups, hot and cold. Its volume allows you to prepare enough soups, broths and soups for four people for a week! Another advantage, thanks to its XL steam basket, the food processor easily accommodates six fish fillets in foil and all the vegetables or starches served as an accompaniment. And if that is not enough yet, opt for the optional XXL steamer basket, large enough to accommodate “portion” fish, trout, sea bass or sea bream.

Finally, the substantial size of the tank is particularly suitable for making homemade breads, brioches and pastries. Especially since the Cook Expert range incorporates cooking methods specifically adapted to these preparations. In short, if you like baking, if you like cooking large quantities of food all at once or like to share your meals with a large number of guests, then the Cook Expert XL is the robot for you. And remember that it costs only 200 euros more than the Cook Expert.

Up to 150 euros in gifts for the purchase of a CS multifunction robot

Invented by Magimix 50 years ago, the multifunction robot has continued to be improved. But without ever sacrificing the essential. Still made in France, with a 30-year engine guarantee, the CS range is available in three versions which stand out for the ever-larger volume of their tank. That of the CS 3200XL offers a capacity of 2.6 liters, compared to 3 liters for the CS 4200XL and 3.6 liters for the CS 5200XL and CS 5200XL Premium.

All these robots are delivered with the accessories necessary for the realization of most culinary operations. The four stainless steel discs signed Sabatier cut vegetables at full speed. Coupled with the clever cover with two chutes, including the XL, they allow grating carrots or slicing lengthwise or vertically large sections of zucchini or eggplant. Convenient to quickly prepare a moussaka, a Provencal tian, a zucchini flan or a coleslaw!

The mini-bowl is equipped with a blade ensuring a clean cut of the herbs, but it is also the ideal accessory to easily make emulsified cold sauces: mayonnaise, tartare, cocktail, aioli … With the kneader ( plastic knife), baking dough is very easy. The speed of the rotor adapts mechanically to the density of the preparation present in the tank. The more compact it is, the slower it turns. Nothing electronic or digital in this type of motor, which explains its formidable robustness.

Among the other accessories, let’s not forget the blender mix, which optimizes the preparation of fruit and vegetable creams as smooth as you want, and the white mixer, the essential companion of the amateur pastry chef. Finally, it should be noted that the CS 5200XL Premium comes with accessories that are only available as an option on the other models. It thus integrates three additional discs, a juicer and the Extra Press XL, a great tool for extracting juice from all fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked.

The gifts offered by Magimix

Because mothers can never be spoiled enough, Magimix adds gifts for the purchase of a Cook Expert or a multifunction robot. Here are the details:

  • For the purchase of a Cook Expert XL, the manufacturer offers you 350 euros in gifts! Choose the formula that you like best between the Extra Press XL and the Spiral Expert, which allows you to make vegetable spaghetti in no time at all, or the Émile Henri bread bell and the Smart Connect. As a reminder, this Bluetooth key to be connected to the robot cooker ensures the transfer of instructions from the smartphone to the device. And if the Cook Expert is placed on the connected scale provided, the weight of the ingredients added to the bowl appears instantly on the smartphone screen.
  • For the purchase of a Cook Expert, you will benefit from 300 euros in gifts! It’s up to you to choose the ones you like the most between the Extra Press XL and the Émile Henri Pizza stone, or the Smart Connect and the Pizza stone.
  • For the purchase of a CS 3200XL multifunction robot, a Pizza stone will be offered to you (value 75 euros).
  • To purchase a CS 4200XL multifunction robot, choose your gift, between a Spiral Expert, or a pizza stone + an Émile Henri mold (value 120 euros).

Finally, for the purchase of a CS 5200XL or CS 5200XL Premium multifunction robot, Magimix offers you an expert Spiral and a recipe book dedicated to vegetable spaghetti (value 150 euros).
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Article produced in partnership with Magimix.