Magnitude 3.1 – Earthquake in Lower Austria put population in fear

In the Gloggnitz area in the Lower Austrian district of Neunkirchen, the earth shook once again on Thursday afternoon. The tremors of magnitude 3.1 at around 1.45 p.m. were described by the population as “sometimes frightening”, reported GeoSphere Austria (Austrian Seismological Service). The earthquake was strongly felt in the area of ​​the epicenter.

Occasionally small objects were moved or fell over, according to GeoSphere Austria. “Even outdoors, the ground movements were perceived weakly.”Cracks in the plaster cannot be ruled outVery slight damage such as cracks in the plaster cannot be ruled out, especially on older buildings. The event on Thursday afternoon was “another earthquake in the series that began on March 30, 2023 with a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2,” emphasized the experts at the Hohe Warte in Vienna. No emergency calls were made to the fire department. The earthquake was “strong”. been felt, said Siegfried Borlak, deputy commander of the Gloggnitz volunteer fire brigade, to the APA. He himself “perceived it in the company”. The fire brigade was not alerted, Borlak added. The last time the earth in the Gloggnitz area had trembled was on June 30th. Almost two months ago, tremors of magnitude 2.9 and 3.3 were recorded within a quarter of an hour in the early evening. Thursday afternoon’s tremor was the third strongest in the series since March 30. Almost five months ago, numerous reports of minor damage were recorded.
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