Magwas should do it: Union commits itself to its own Bundestag Vice-President

Magwas should do it
Union commits itself to its own Bundestag Vice-President

The decision has been made: The CDU executive board agreed on the chairwoman of the women’s group in the Union parliamentary group, Yvonne Magwas, for the office of Vice President of the Bundestag. For the Greens and the FDP, familiar faces are to continue to hold office.

The head of the Union parliamentary group proposes the CDU politician Yvonne Magwas as a candidate for the office of Vice President of the Bundestag. The executive board of the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag agreed on this, as reported from Union circles. The group still has to vote in the evening. The 41-year-old Magwas is the leader of the group of women in the Union faction. Speculations that the Union could also ask for two vice posts were rejected in the group.

The MPs Monika Grütters and Annette Widmann-Mauz (both CDU) probably decided not to run. The previous parliamentary manager of the Union parliamentary group, Michael Grosse-Brömer, had also expressed interest. This should have avoided a vote in the CDU / CSU parliamentary group on the post.

Magwas has been in the Bundestag since 2013. At the time of the election, she was drafted into the state list of Saxony. In 2017 and most recently on September 26, she won the direct mandate in the Vogtland district. The studied sociologist lives with the East Commissioner of the Federal Government and member of the Bundestag Marco Wanderwitz. They have one child together.

According to the will of their parliamentary groups, Claudia Roth and Wolfgang Kubicki should also exercise the office of Vice-President of the Bundestag. The 66-year-old Roth von den Grünen and the 69-year-old FDP man Kubicki already held office in the previous legislative period. The AfD parliamentary group will put the Thuringian politician Michael Kaufmann in the running for one of the vice posts. In the last legislative period, the AfD candidates for the post failed in all elections.

As the strongest parliamentary group in the new Bundestag, the SPD will in future provide the President of the Bundestag. This should be the health politician Bärbel Bas. The election will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, at the constituent session of the newly elected parliament. The session will then be opened by the longest-serving MP, Wolfgang Schäuble. He was President of the Bundestag in the last legislature. After the Union’s electoral defeat, he has no chance of a second term.

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