Maiden name: Alexas suffer so much from their first name

Maiden name with potential for trouble
Alexas suffer from her first name

Since kindergarten, Alexa has had to listen to stupid sayings about her name on a regular basis.


It is sonorous, concise – and yet many “Alexas” are now annoyed by their name. The reason: The Alexa app from Amazon.

Until a few years ago, “Alexa” was a relatively rare girl’s name. But since Amazon christened their app “Alexa”, it has been on everyone’s lips – and the Alexa namesake particularly suffer from this.

Alexa, can you make me some coffee, please?

Because commands are constantly thrown at the human Alexas “for fun” or the Alexa box comes to life when they are spoken to. In the video, two Alexas talk about their experiences since Amazon made their name world famous.

Source: RTL