Mail goes to the wrong politician: Berlin swaps election winners for losers

Mail goes to the wrong politician
Berlin exchanges election winners with losers

It is one of many mishaps around the election in Berlin: Instead of the election winner Andreas Otto from the Greens, the city sends the confirmation of the mandate to his namesake from the FDP. The “wrong” Otto takes the confusion with humor – but sees the failure of office confirmed.

The election chaos in Berlin never ends: In addition to long waiting times, mixed up ballot papers and estimated election results, the capital has now sent important documents to the wrong politician to accept the election. Accordingly, Andreas Otto from the Greens had won his constituency in Pankow. However, the documents for the acceptance of his election to the Berlin House of Representatives went to Andreas Otto from the FDP, as the “Spiegel” reported.

The FDP local chairman from Reinickendorf was asked to accept his mandate, although, unlike his namesake, he was not elected to the House of Representatives. The “real” MP, on the other hand, has not yet received any mail from the city, according to the newspaper.

The breakdown was made public by the Berlin FDP politician Timo Bergemann, who describes the incident on Twitter and writes: “It’s just absurd.” Andreas Otto of the FDP takes the confusion when asked by “t-online” with humor, but like his party colleague Bergemann, criticizes the capital’s election management. “That was really funny, but of course it shows again the failure of the Senate Administration and that a change is urgently needed there.”

The FDP local chairman informed the election management about the mix-up, as the news portal reported. An official letter of apology had been announced to him. Gert Baasen explains the error to “t-online” by failing to match the contact details of all applicants with the current registration addresses of the chosen ones.

This causes some ridicule on the internet. One user commented: “Can we appoint a guardian for Berlin?” Another writes: “Berlin has a reputation to uphold. And since election day it has been trying very hard.” Since there were many irregularities in the election in Berlin, the Senate apologized. The regional returning officer has already appealed against her own election.

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