Maite Kelly: She released a duet with Ramon Roselly

Maite Kelly
She released a duet with Ramon Roselly

Ramon Roselly and Maite Kelly sing a duet.

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In November Maite Kelly released a new version of her album “Hello!”. She then sings in a duet with Ramon Roselly, among others.

In November Maite Kelly (42) released a “Special Bonus Edition” of her album “Hello!”. The album was originally released in March of this year and placed at the top of the charts. The new version features five new songs, including a duet with Ramon Roselly (27). The singer announces on Instagram: “A little surprise on top – I’m very happy that I was able to record a song as a duet with Ramon Roselly for the Special Edition.”

The duet is entitled “You can’t do anything for feelings”. The two had “a lot of fun in the studio”. “It turned out so beautiful.” The former Kelly Family member and the 2020 “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” winner is not only connected by music, as Kelly writes: “Ramon is, like me, a circus child, a dreamer and a hard worker. Thank you for that.” Ramon Roselly is also happy. He has been a big fan of the Kelly Family since childhood and listened to their music up and down, tells the singer in his Instagram story.

“DSDS” juror and winner in a duet

And there is one more thing in common: the “DSDS” past. Ramon Roselly was able to convince the jury and viewers in 2020 in the 17th season and emerged as the winner of the casting show. A year later Maite Kelly was also on “DSDS”, but as a jury member alongside Dieter Bohlen (67), Mike Singer (21) and later Thomas Gottschalk (71).


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