Maître Lucas, the platform for free primary school lessons, appeals to millions of French people

Alexandre Boero

Clubic news manager

April 2, 2024 at 8:02 a.m.


Screenshot of a video by Maître Lucas © Clubic

Screenshot of a video by Maître Lucas © Clubic

Two cousins ​​have made Maître Lucas a renowned educational platform, thanks to their free primary classes, from CP to CM2. Mathematics, French and science, there is something for everyone.

Benoit and Lucas are at the head of Maître Lucas, a free online course platform intended for students from CP to CM2. Since its launch in 2017, the site has enjoyed dazzling success, helped by Covid, which allowed it to accumulate up to 30 million visits over the course of a year. The initiative, which was born from the desire to facilitate access to education, has gradually transformed into an essential reference for parents and teachers.

The duo behind the Maître Lucas platform driven by Covid-19

The Schildknecht family seems to hold the magic recipe for teaching math, French and science. Lucas, a former primary school teacher who became a teacher trainer, first embarked on the adventure solo in 2017.

A few months after the first confinement in the middle of Covid-19, his cousin Benoit, a digital expert, joined him. Together, they combine their skills to offer quality online courses. And it seems to be working pretty well for them. Today, Maître Lucas is followed by 176,000 people on YouTube, 200,000 in total on all social networks combined.

The aura of Master Lucas now even extends beyond Alsace, to the point that the cousins ​​have managed to enter into a partnership with the publisher Hatier, for the creation of revision workbooks. A great outcome for these two enthusiasts who, in 2021, received congratulations from Emmanuel Macron in person and by mail.

No advertising on the Maître Lucas site, which earns money from YouTube videos

The objective of Benoit and Lucas Schildknecht is to bring to life a platform which aims to simplify learning, thanks to accessible, fun and therefore very easily digestible content. Today, Maître Lucas has established itself as a major player in online education. And its two minds continue to enrich the offer, to meet the needs of students and teachers.

The courses are delivered free of charge, and the particularity of Maître Lucas’ model is that the website does not host any advertising. The platform only generates revenue using YouTube, where it has more than 16 million views, including a dozen videos exceeding 200,000 views, the record being held by that on multiplication tables.

A French audience, but especially French-speaking

Maître Lucas’ audience is obviously filled with French people, but it is more generally French-speaking. The content is quite popular in Africa, thanks to the support of the Orange operator’s foundation. They are also often seen in Belgium, Canada, the Maghreb, West Africa, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Switzerland or Lebanon.

Benoit and Lucas don’t intend to stop there. In addition to their activities on the web, they plan to publish additional activity books (dictation and reading fluency) and to diversify their content.

History and geography could also take on an increasing role in the future, as can moral and civic education. The duo’s commitment to education transcends borders and will perhaps inspire a generation of learners across the world.

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