Major maneuvers in Eastern Ukraine: Separatists position themselves

Great maneuvers in Eastern Ukraine
Separatists get into position

Pro-Russian separatists are increasing their combat readiness in eastern Ukraine. Federal Foreign Minister Maas are extremely worried about these marches. If the US intervenes with arms deliveries, the situation would likely worsen.

Ukraine and Russia accuse each other of escalating tensions in the border area. The Defense Ministry’s intelligence department in Kiev announced that pro-Russian units had increased their combat readiness in the separatist-controlled Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. They also carried out large-scale maneuvers in the border area. Russia, meanwhile, has warned the US of escalating if it moves military advisors and equipment to Ukraine.

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the latest news about Russian troop movements in the border area with Ukraine was extremely worrying. For days there have been reports of a Russian troop deployment on the border with Ukraine. Ukraine and NATO warn that the movement of troops near the border could be harbingers of an open military confrontation.

Meanwhile, Russia said it had no intention of invading Ukraine. But there are serious concerns about the actions of Ukraine, said President’s Office spokesman Dmitri Peskov. Ukraine can guarantee its security by returning to the peace declaration made with Russia, he added. He was referring to a report on Monday by the US broadcaster CNN that the US was considering sending military advisers and weapons to Ukraine.

US officials said it remains unclear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has already decided what he will do. An immediate attack is not expected, but the Russian deployment is a sign of the beginning of a crisis. Foreign Minister Maas called on the Russian government to take steps to ease the tension in relation to the West. “We want better relations with Russia – they can only get better,” said the SPD politician.

However, this will require progress in eastern Ukraine. Maas criticized the fact that Russia recently prevented a meeting of foreign ministers in the so-called Normandy format (Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine). It is up to Moscow to take the first steps.

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