Major reform at ARD and ZDF: What’s next for the broadcasting fee?

Public service broadcasting must reorganize itself. The federal states have decided on a major reform. ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandfunk should be more flexible in the future and increasingly enter the streaming market. There could also be changes to the broadcasting fee.

ARD, ZDF and Co: countries are demanding more online offers

The federal states have agreed on changes in the state treaty on public broadcasting. One of the aims is to emphasize the brand essence of ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio more strongly. More flexibility in program offerings should reach the entire population – and above all on the Internet via more streaming content.

In addition to culture, education and information, entertainment also remains part of the public service programme. Of the importance of entertainment had been discussed beforehand. It should be retained if it “corresponds to the offer profile”, as the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, put it in a statement.

According to Bavaria’s media minister, Florian Herrmann, the ARD and ZDF television channels are particularly important “Grown too much”. According to the CSU politician, in the future it should be more about “class instead of mass”.

The amended state treaty is to be drafted by the prime ministers’ conference on October 20th to be signed. The state parliaments must agree beforehand (source: Tagesschau).

This is what the GIGA editorial team thinks of the broadcast fee:

Broadcast contribution: Discussion follows later

When agreeing on changes in the State Treaty one important topic left out for now: The broadcasting fee, which is now noticeable at 18.36 euros per month, is only to be discussed in a further reform step. A specific date for this has not yet been set.

Whether the Broadcasting fee possibly increased or whether it will even be reduced is currently completely open. On the one hand, the CSU has brought up a contribution freeze due to price increases in many areas of life. On the other hand, the new head of the fee commission KEF can also imagine an increase, which is also to be justified with the ongoing inflation.

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