Major update and new expansion for Legends of Runeterra

As a result, the PvE mode “The Way of Champions” in turn moves to the 2.0 format, which includes new regions, Noxus and Demacia, as well as Piltover and Zaun, Ionia and Bilgewater, but also new permanent progression systems, namely: Legend Tiers that empower players’ overall champion sets, Champion Star Tiers that grant unique skills to their champions and unlock the continuation of their dedicated adventures, revamped and improved Champion Tiers, and lots of other edits covered in the videos below. New cosmetics and more than 65 new cards, including Jhin, Bard, Annie and Illaoi, are also included.

For its part, the extension By Runeterra introduces Champions of Runeterra – Champions who belong to no region. Adding a Champion of Runeterra to his deck acts as one of his regions, each with a rule of deck building unique, or Origin, which defines the cards that can be played with it. Enough to boost the possibilities when building your stack. New keywords are also appearing, such as Blessings to vary the possibilities of traps, through enchantments linked to the cards in the deck, and which are activated when drawn. Manifestation causes tentacles to appear to him from the depths.

Finally, followers will be able to embark on the temporary Pulsefire event, a time travel with all that entails new emotes, guardians, card backs, and as an ultimate reward an exclusive Pulsefire Akshan skin.

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