Make friendship bracelets – that's how the DIY tie works

Friendship bracelets were a hit in teenage years, but even when you're a little older they don't lose any of their magic. Tinker jewelry is very popular and we wear the self-made pieces with a little pride – rightly! But how to start, how to put the thread again and how is the loop correct? We have put together beautiful instructions for you with which you can design your new favorite piece in no time.

Make friendship bracelets – the basics

Depending on how elaborate the pattern of the bracelet and how wide it should be, you need at least two different colored threads or more. The thickness of the yarn also affects the overall picture, the thinner you choose it, the more delicate the tape becomes.

You choose the colors according to your taste – or if you want to give it away, according to the favorite color of the recipient.

So that you can start, you should sort the threads at the beginning and fasten them at the top either with a piece of adhesive tape, a safety pin, a knot, on the clip board or in a similar way. And then the big braiding finally starts!

Friendship bracelet with stripes

The striped bracelet is one of the classics and friendship bracelets. The YouTube account stitch stitch has created a very simple video instructions for knotting:

As you can see, there is no rocket science behind making friendship bracelets! If you have internalized the basic technique, you just have to repeat the individual steps often – such a bracelet is just a bit of hard work!

Make a macrame friendship bracelet

The knotting technique from the Orient is more popular than ever! Even a chic friendship bracelet can be made with it. Here is a simple guide with the individual steps:

More great ideas

If you have the basics, you will quickly enjoy trying out new patterns. Here you can find more inspiration for your next friendship bracelets:

Make friendship bracelets: two colorful bracelets

Make friendship bracelets: wide, colorful bracelet

Make friendship bracelets: bracelet with fruit motif

You can do the bracelets as you wish colorful and / or with one elaborate pattern create, but also unusual motifs like the above example with the fruit are possible. A broad friendship band is an absolute eye-catcher – not everyone has it guaranteed!

Would you like to do more great DIY projects? Macrame can not only be used to tie bracelets, but also chic decorative items for the home. Are you more of a gross motorist? Then arm knitting is your thing! You can also find exciting ideas about handicrafts on our DIY theme page.