Make kefir yourself: This is how it works!

Milk kefir tastes delicious and is a very healthy drink. You can find out how you can easily make kefir yourself here.

Making kefir yourself: Introduction

  • Kefir has many Health benefits. You can use it preventively to strengthen your immune system or even if you feel weak or have a cold. If you make kefir yourself, the kefir tuber is even healthier.
  • Kefir is one Combination of yeast and bacteria, whose fermentation with the addition of lactic acid bacteria creates the unique taste. Milk kefir from the supermarket does not contain any live, natural tubers, so probiotic organisms are usually also missing.
  • We are now focusing on that own production of kefir. More general information about kefir can be found here in a separate article.

Make kefir yourself: You need these things for this

  • Vessel or glass
  • Funnel (glass or plastic)
  • Sieve
  • spoon
  • Oilcloth and rubber
  • Glass bottle for filling
  • 500 ml milk (fresh milk or UHT milk)
  • 8 g kefir tuber from active tubers (available online as well as in selected shops)

Make kefir yourself: 5 easy steps

  1. Take the tubers and put them into the cooking vessel or glass.
  2. Then you give it 500 ml milk added.
  3. Insert Oilcloth over the opening of the glass and tighten it with a rubber. As a result, no oxygen gets into the container and at the same time the pressure generated by the fermentation can escape.
  4. Now it's time to place the kefir mushroom in a light-protected place at room temperature 24 to 48 hours to store.
  5. You can then use the Separate the kefir bulb from the drink. To do this, use the sieve and pour the kefir into the glass bottle.

Make kefir yourself: continue to use kefir tuber

  • You should first keep your kefir tuber retained in the sieve rinse lukewarm water and make sure that all milk substances are dissolved.
  • If you from the Immediately make kefir mushroom new kefir you can just start again from step 1. If not, you can use the kefir tuber later.
  • To do this, take some water and lay the tubers in a bag in the freezer from your fridge. Before use, thaw the mushroom in fresh milk for several days.
  • Pay attention to one clean hygiene in dealing with the kefir mushroom. Do not touch it by hand and do not bring it into contact with chemical detergents.

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