Make-up artists swear by these products

All make-up artists have these 2 products in their beauty bag – and so should we!

Model doing the styling

© Nicky J Sims / Getty Images

Who does not know it: the old eyeshadows in the back of the drawer, the dried-in eyeliner and the foundation, which then don't quite match in daylight. I'm sure there are some bad purchases in your makeup memory drawer that can't wait to find use again. With these make-up artist must-haves you can do this witchcraft.

From Melanie Wenzke

Sometimes it's so simple: One product – and hey presto some problems on the make-up front are solved. Of course, the professionals particularly appreciate that, so it's no wonder that make-up artists like Kim Kardashian's one have long since been able to do without a few selected favorites.

The so-called mixing medium, a transparent gel that can be mixed with pigments, has a regular place in professional beauty bags. It conjures up dried out eyebrow gels and eyeliner, transforms every eyeshadow in your collection into a liquid eyeshadow or eyeliner or can make your foundation waterproof in no time. An additional plus point: the mixing medium makes the applied products last longer and thus ensures a perfect make-up look all day long. Just a few drops are enough to make your dusty products shine again. Simply mix in the palm of your hand or e.g. on an old CD, apply, done!

Incidentally, glossy textures become even more shimmering and matt keep their finish. Great mixing media are e.g. Duraline from Inglot (around 11 euros) or the mixing medium from Mac (around 20 euros).

The foundation tone doesn't match? No problem!

Have you struck again when shopping online? I can relate! But you made a total mistake with the foundation color you ordered and now you are annoyed about another dust collector? Maybe you are just paler in winter than in summer and the favorite make-up you bought no longer fits your current complexion. No problem!

All you need are make-up mixing drops, which you put either directly into the bottle or in the required amount. You can use it, for example, to lighten products that are too dark or to adjust the undertone. Is your foundation too dark? A few drops of white Mixing Drops will save the product from being discarded. Simply mix everything well and your perfectly matching tone is ready. But beware! Better to add less product first, as the drops are very heavily pigmented.

A little tip for determining the right undertone: If you turn red quickly in the sun, you probably have a reddish or neutral undertone. With skin that tans quickly, this usually goes in the yellowish direction.

And they can do even more! Simply mix a few dark drops separately into the foundation and you have a liquid bronzer for naturally tanned looks. There are no limits to your creativity! You can find them for as little as 3 euros from Essence in the drugstore, or online from L.A. Girl for 10 euros.