Make-up: How to wear gold?

On the eyes, face, lips, gold gives shine in a flash, it would be wrong to do without. We tell you how to master the golden touch and concoct a golden makeup with the advice of Charlélie Mereu, makeup artist in charge of Education Europe and France Make Up For Ever.


• Express light button

We start by applying a eggshell blush on the whole of the mobile eyelid, we add a gold touch in the inner corner of the eye and a thick black mascara. It’s’trick trompe l’oeil par excellence which opens the gaze, eclipses the vestiges of a short or sleepless night and makes win 10 years.

• In golden solid color

For a perfect Golden Eye look, it is imperative to first apply a eyelid base. The shine and sparkle of gold can have a magnifying effect on imperfections. A primer helps to prepare the ground, to eliminate fine lines and any redness. Once the area is well standardized, Apply the gold shadow to the mobile eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. The material can be loaded onto the curvature of the eyelid at the level of the iris to obtain an ultra metallic effect which gives relief. To finish, do not forget to load the eyelashes with black mascara.

• In graphic version

We put on a double liner, first a very intense black line then on top of it we affix a golden eyeliner that wraps the eyes with a gold thread and illuminates with the iris. A festive touch without overdoing it!

• As a top coat on the eyelashes

Immediately after applying a black mascara, when it is still wet, using a flat brush, take a little golden powder which is dabbed on the end of the eyelashes for an ultra elegant iridescent effect. With each beat of the eyelashes, the color of the eyes is highlighted.


In the highlighter version, gold is a safe bet to illuminate and sculpt the curves of the face. It comes with multiple reflections, more or less yellow, pink, copper, … it is important to choose the one that best suits your skin tone.

For dull complexions, all reflections are possible, on the other hand be careful with lighter skin, it is preferable to bet on a gold with rosy reflections otherwise beware of the unflattering yellow spot effect on the skin. Then place the application:

On the whole face, the ideal is to choose it liquid and mix it with your moisturizer. The right mix: ¼ highlighter, ¾ day cream applied in delicate massages for an ultra subtle luminous finish. You can also bet on a powder, in this case, you must absolutely use a brush with extremely soft bristles to sweep the face without too much material and risk over shine.

• On the rounded cheeks.

Under the brow bone.

• Above the dowsing arch on the point of height of the eyebrow to highlight it, with a lift effect.

On the cupid’s bow to create a strategic glow, luscious mouth goal.

• And on the chin.


• Not too much to excel! If you have made up your eyes with intensity, you can simply bet on a touch of gloss infused with mother-of-pearl or golden glitter which in addition to giving shine, boosts the volume of the lips.

• For red-mouthed addicts, good news, it matches perfectly with golden eye makeup, especially if you choose your lipstick in a matte texture to contrast well with the shine of the eyes.

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