Make-up settles in wrinkles – never again with the 1-2-3 method for everyone over 40

Makeup settles in wrinkles
3 techniques you need to know if you are over 40

Model Regina Burton’s make-up hardly comes off – we’ll now tell you how you can recreate such a radiant result at home.


Immediately after application, your make-up still looks even, but after a short time it starts to settle in the wrinkles? Not anymore! You MUST know these three techniques if you are over 40 – or ideally before.

Simply annoying – if you take the time to put on make-up, the results should last a long time. Of course you laugh or frown – but that shouldn’t be a reason for you Make-up slips into the wrinkles. It’s also best to keep foundation, concealer, etc. out of existing wrinkles, such as under the eyes or nasiolabial folds. An impossibility? Not with these three techniques. The best thing: they build on each other. If you combine all three methods, nothing can stop you.

Make-up settles in wrinkles – never again with the 1-2-3 method that everyone over 40 needs to know

Wrinkles are part of us and are a natural sign of skin aging. When collagen and elastin production decreases, the skin loses firmness. UV radiation, nutrition and exogenous influences influence this process: as we live, we age. And that’s exactly how it should be. However, there are many people who do not want to accentuate their wrinkles. This can happen, for example, from makeup if it accumulates in the wrinkles. This is promoted by movement in the face. There are three techniques that we have lovingly summarized 1-2-3 method which prevents products from settling in the folds.

1. Cotton swab technique

When you apply liquid foundation or concealer, you probably do it with a brush, sponge, or your hands. Once the product is hidden on the skin, it usually doesn’t take a minute for it to creep into the wrinkles. We say: Just leave it!

Allow the make-up to come off while you work on your eyebrows, lips or another step. Because this is how the wheat is separated from the chaff, or rather that Excess product is clearly visibleby settling in the folds. Once a few minutes have passed, just take it cotton swab and wipes the deposited foundation out of the nasiolabial fold, for example. To ensure that your complexion remains uniform, blend the hard edges with dabbing movements and your finger or a clean brush. Complete!

2. Powder – but different

Generally helps powderto prevent settling. Because it fixes the liquid texture, makes it more immobile, which means it stays in place longer. However, in order to ultimately prevent the foundation and concealer from settling, the powder is usually used applied incorrectly – or too much. A result that is too matt robs the skin of its radiance, the complexion no longer moves in the light and looks less lively and visually older. That’s why we want Definitely avoid too much powder. Applying the whole thing with a large fluffy brush and stroking it lightly over the complexion may prevent the make-up from transferring to clothing, but hardly prevent it from slipping into the wrinkles.

With this ultimate powder technique you don’t look pale and dull Make-up settles in the wrinkles away:

  1. Wait after applying your liquid makeup a few minutesso that the finish of the product can fully develop and wipe beforehand with the Cotton swab technique excess product from the fold and blend the edges with your fingers.
  2. Use one Powder puff. This is the key to long-lasting makeup because with this tool you can use the powder with pressure Press into the skin so that it has its full effect. Use the powder puff to pick up a small amount of powder and work it really well into the puff so that it lies evenly.
  3. Now smooth out your skin at the fold. Because we don’t fix the wrinkle with the powder, but rather the smooth skin.
    • At the nasiolabial fold: Puff out your cheeks like a squirrel and then specifically powder the area with pressing movements. Work the powder in with these movements until there is no more product on the puff.
    • Under the eyes: Look up here or lift your lower lash line with your little finger or a brush handle so that you no longer see a crease. If the product has already settled, blend it out with your ring finger or use the cotton swab technique. Now work the powder well into the skin using pressing movements until there is nothing left on the puff.
  4. If you have used too much powder, you can Wipe away excess with a brush. If your face now looks very dull, just use it moisturizing make-up spray Use that contains hyaluronic acid or glycerin and can be applied with a fine spray mist. Spray on while wet, do not move and then enjoy a refreshed skin feeling.

3. Water-wind method

There was just talk of a spray. In the makeup world we differentiate between two types of sprays: moisturizing and fixing. Yes this is very important. Because one uses hydrating ingredients to ensure that make-up and powder melt into the skin Fixing spray really does it long-lasting and water resistant.

You may know it from cycling – the combination of wind and water concretes smeared mascara almost onto our face, making it almost impossible to get rid of. However, we can also use this to our advantage!

  1. Apply make-up quickly and ready including cotton swab and powder technology.
  2. Setting spray good shake (otherwise there will be white spots) and spray evenly over the entire face. Keep your hair out of your face.
  3. Now dont move! Keep your eyes closed and tidy with a fan, piece of paper or notebook Fan out the airuntil everything is dry.
  4. You can do this process (spray + wind) as often as you like repeat, as you wish. Each round increases durability. However, for dry skin and a mattifying spray, we would stop after the second or third.

These products do not slip into the folds

Apart from the 1-2-3 method, which prevents the make-up from settling in the wrinkles, it is of course also due to the products themselves high coverage foundations with a thicker texture and matte finish The probability is much higher, but many powders don’t do their job and also look crusty and dry.

  • Relies on products with thin textures. Tinted serums, skin tints or light-reflecting foundations are a very good choice. The thinner the product, the less it can settle.
  • Matte foundations that dry on the skin are less common movable. This means they don’t move with your facial expressions. It’s a difficult line to draw as to how much “matte” has a long-lasting effect (through powder or setting spray) and how much matte is too much and sets off. Trust your feeling!
  • It’s better to apply less product and cover imperfections targeted with a small amount of high coverage concealer. Again, the less there is on the skin, the less it slips into the wrinkles.
  • To be honest: there is little very good powders, which prevent settling without looking too dry. You can click on ” in the product descriptionlight reflecting” Pay attention. It should also have no opacity, i.e. be transparent.

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