Make-up trend of the summer: Invisible eyeliner replaces dark eyeliner

eyeliner trend
The “invisible” eyeliner now replaces the dark classic

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With an eyeliner you are actually always up-to-date. Nevertheless, there are always new trend variants to apply your eyeliner. The invisible liner is totally hip this summer.

Black eyeliner, like red lips, is one of the absolute make-up all-rounders that give every basic look that certain something in no time at all and actually never goes out of style. You can use the classic eyeliner to draw attention to your eye area, but it doesn’t always have to be dark. Ever heard of invisible eyeliner?

Invisible Liner: The summer version of the classic

While you can’t go wrong with black liner, it’s worth experimenting with every now and then. Especially now in summer, we like to exchange the heavy make-up looks for lighter variants. A radiant complexion and subtly accentuated eyes often go better with an airy summer wardrobe and floral dresses. If you still don’t want to do without your beloved eyeliner, we have just the right trend for you: the invisible liner. It promises an elfish look and accentuated eyes.

Invisible Liner: How it works

To make your eye make-up last even in hot temperatures, first apply a primer to the movable lid. The second step is the eye shadow: Choose a subtle nude, bronze or gold tone here, you can also simply use your bronzer. The eyeshadow can be applied generously to the lid with a suitable brush, also above the crease. Finally, a little blinding.

The next step is the wing: For this you need a light eyeshadow – a covering highlighter will do too – with which you can optically lengthen your lash line and blend it in dabs. Then you draw a line on the lightened area with a white eyeliner that curves slightly upwards. Approximately in the outer third of your lash line you start again and draw a line that meets the first – a small triangle is created. Finally, apply mascara to your eyelashes and your summery, light eye make-up is done.


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