Make upcycling advent calendars out of glasses yourself

Upcycling advent calendar
This is how you create a beautiful calendar out of old glasses

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Are you looking for an advent calendar to make yourself? Here are the instructions for an upcycling advent calendar made from old glasses. Have fun!

The anticipation of Christmas increases exponentially every day with the little door we can open. An Advent calendar is as much a part of the Christmas season as the Christmas tree is on Christmas Eve. All the better when we can make our loved ones happy with a self-made Advent calendar. And we don’t even have to buy an Advent calendar for this: we simply make it ourselves and rely on upcycling and DIY. This is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable – and the advent calendar can be refilled every year. Here you can find step-by-step instructions for the upcycling advent calendar.

Upcycling advent calendar: material and preparations

For the upcycling advent calendar you need the following materials:

  • Screw jars
  • Spray paint in gold and the colors of your choice
  • Advent calendar numbers for printing (e.g. here at makerist)
  • Old newspaper or cardboard as a base
  • scissors
  • All Purpose Adhesive
  • Gift ribbon, cord or similar
  • Decoration to decorate (e.g. small wooden stars, bells, etc.)
Upcycling advent calendar: material

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Thoroughly clean the jars and let them dry well. It is best to have old newspaper or enough cardboard ready for use outside. You shouldn’t use the spray paints in closed rooms.

Tinker upcycling advent calendars: this is how it works

1. Spray the glasses well on all sides. If necessary, let them dry before spraying them from the underside as well. You can choose the colors according to your mood: Either your advent calendar is monochrome or mixed.

Upcycling advent calendar: spray glasses

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2. Then spray the lids with gold spray paint. Let everything dry well.

Upcycling advent calendar: spray the lid

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3. Print out the numbers or paint an individual design on a piece of paper. Cut out the circles and glue them to the glasses with all-purpose glue.

4. Decorate the individual “Advent calendar doors” with gift ribbons, borders, lace, bells or small decorative elements.

Upcycling advent calendar: decoration for glasses

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5. Now only the content is missing. You can find 22 great ideas, tips and small gifts to fill here: Sustainable Advent Calendar.

6. Finally, arrange the upcycling advent calendar nicely on a chest of drawers and the surprise for December 1st is ready. Your loved ones will be delighted!

Looking for more ideas and DIY projects for the Christmas season? Here you can find our route to make the Advenstkalender yourself and tinker an Advent wreath. And if you still need ideas for Christmas, you will find our tips on sustainable gifts here.

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