Make your own advent calendar – 60 instructions

Make your own advent calendar – this is how it works

Why not make an advent calendar yourself this year? This is not only much more creative and individual than buying an Advent calendar in the supermarket. The recipients will also be happy about it.

And it doesn’t always have to be chocolate: We fill our Advent calendars with little messages to get the day off to a good start, with photos from your last vacation or vouchers. There are no limits to your imagination with the advent calendar.

What is allowed is what pleases and what the recipient is happy about. The main thing is that the small gifts and messages fit into the glasses, CD cases or the small packages that we hang on the branches. So, let’s go, make your own advent calendar!

You can use this to fill the advent calendar:

A colorful mix & match of all these ideas results in the most beautiful advent calendar you’ve ever sent.

More ideas for homemade advent calendars

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