Making a wind chime: The most beautiful ideas and instructions

Make wind chimes
The most beautiful ideas and instructions

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A wind chime not only looks good, it also creates the most beautiful sounds in the wind. Here we explain how you can make a wind chime!

What is a wind chime?

A dancing wind chime is not only beautiful to look at in the wind, depending on the material it also produces its very own sound – which is why it is also known as a chime. Hollow cylinders often hang from the wind chimes, which provide the appropriate sound when they collide. Suitable materials are, for example, cylinders made of wood, bamboo or metal. But, of course, wind chimes can also be made from any other material – the result is not always tones, but sometimes just noises that have their own fascination.

Making a wind chime: The most beautiful ideas and instructions

What is a wind chime for?

For many people, there is something calming about the sound of a wind chime. In the garden, a wind chime also shows how strong the wind is and from which direction it is blowing. Indoors, on the other hand, the wind chime comes to life as soon as there is a draft through a door. But of course a wind chime can just be hung up – because it looks so pretty and is so fun! Making a wind chime is fun and especially fun with children.

Make a wind chime: Here’s how!

You need:

  • driftwood branches
  • beads
  • Nylon thread or thin craft ribbon
  • wood drill


  1. Drill several holes at regular intervals in a long branch of driftwood.
  2. Drill a hole in the smaller driftwood branches as well so you can hang them up.
  3. Thread each small branch onto a ribbon and tie a knot over it. This is how you proceed with bullets of your choice.
  4. Pass the threads through the holes in the large branch and close the holes with another ball and a double knot.
  5. Finally, all you have to do is attach a strong band to both ends and you’re ready to hang up your wind chime!

Making a wind chime: The most beautiful ideas from Pinterest

Tableware upcycling in the garden

A very special kind of wind chime for the garden: If you have old crockery left over, you can start a new craft project straight away. Cups and milk jugs are hung on strong threads and become a work of art on a branch and tinkle happily in the garden.

The sound of the wind

This wind chime can be made from metal rods of different lengths and a wooden disc. And if there is no wind, we will take care of the concert ourselves with the piece of wood in the middle!

holiday souvenir

Still no idea what to do with the shells from your last beach vacation? Then simply stage them effectively in this beautiful DIY! You are free to do handicrafts: shells, beads, balls, small branches of driftwood… anything you like can be used.

Making wind chimes with children

A quick DIY that is also great to do with children: Clean a tin can and paint it in a color of your choice. After drying, you can decorate them with masking tape and cut colorful fabric ribbons. The bands are then glued in with hot glue. This wind chime is almost noiseless – only a slight rustling can be elicited from it. But it moves all the more beautifully in the wind!

Wind chime with bohemian chic

You can easily make this chic piece of jewelry with nostalgic charm yourself: Get a sturdy ring and apply some hot glue to it in sections. Immediately wrap it with sisal tape. You can then tie on strings of pearls and old keys and attach the object to the balcony or porch.

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