Malika Ménard “unhappy”: her maternity anxieties linked to her difficult childhood

Asked about her maternity plans, Malika Ménard returned to her anxieties related to her “unhappy” childhood.

Revealed in 2009, Malika Menard became a beauty queen. But it is not because we are Miss France that we do not feel complexes. Indeed, in the podcast Between Friends broadcast on YouTube, she had already mentioned the physical complexes that her mother passed on to her. “She thought I had my ears sticking out, so I had to wear headbands all the time… Very small, eh, like at 3, 4, 5 years old. She had put that in my head”, she noted. Asked about her maternity plans, in the podcast The Parents Show, Malika Ménard makes touching secrets. First, she returned to the social pressure she is under, she who is still not a mother at 35 years old.

Remarks that she often receives. “So here I am, I’m 33. I’m not married. I don’t have any children. I’m not a landlord and I haven’t signed a permanent contract either… and everything is fine”, she said. Emily, the creator of the podcast, asked her if she had dreamed, as a little girl, of being a mother before she was thirty. “I had a childhood where I was unhappy. I consider, and I worked on it a lot, that there were shortcomings in the education that my parents gave me. Already my father, he left, he in quotes abandoned us for five years“, retorted the former Miss France.

The heartbreaking confidences of Malika Ménard

In addition, other anxieties rise to the surface. “Already I am someone very, very demanding in everyday life and this role, I put so much importance in it. I have so much no desire to decide selfishly that someone comes into the world and not having the means to make this child happy. It’s something where I put a lot of pressure on myself and maybe too much sometimes. Everything has to be perfect to take that step. I really very, very sad childhood memories. I don’t wish a child (…) I was so unhappy that I thought to myself, even as a child, you would never do that to a child”.

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