Malus: haro on the heaviest cars

A decree resulting from the finance bill should introduce a new grid applicable from 1 January.

40,000 euros. This is the additional cost that will be paid by a French person buying a new car from the 1er January 2022 with the maximum penalty. Like every end of the year, the automobile penalty undergoes a facelift. Or rather, a weighting cure, formalized by a decree whose publication is expected this Friday. This concerns first of all the “traditional” penalty, linked to CO emissions.2 of each vehicle. The 2022 vintage starts at 128 grams of CO2 emitted per kilometer traveled, against 133 grams per kilometer in 2021. Above all, the maximum penalty is greatly increased, from 30,000 euros for emissions of 219 g / km to 40,000 euros for 224 g / km. For example, the large Audi Q7 diesel SUV, which emits 216 g / km, will end up with a penalty of 32,094 euros. Compare this to a base price of nearly 72,000 euros.

The real novelty of the year 2022 concerns the creation of a new type of penalty, based on the weight of the vehicle. The idea was launched in 2019 following a note from France Stratégie …

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