Man seriously injured – fell four meters deep while harvesting hay

During the hay harvest in Tux, a helper (64) fell four meters over a wall on Saturday. He was rescued by helicopter, seriously injured.

On Saturday around 12 noon, a 63-year-old Austrian helped relatives in Tux with the haymaking. The 63-year-old was busy blowing hay with a so-called hay blower.

Fall over wall
The man with the device went behind a fence in the direction of the valley. For a previously unknown cause, the man fell over a wall in a very narrow area and then fell about four meters to the ground. The 63-year-old stayed there with serious injuries.

Helicopter rescue with rope
Relatives immediately rushed to the scene of the accident, provided first aid and started the rescue chain. The casualty was rescued with a rope and flown to the clinic in Innsbruck in the Heli 4 emergency doctor’s helicopter.