Man shoots eleven people, police shoot Tate

A 34-year-old killed several people in Cetinje, Montenegrin. Among the victims are two children aged eight and eleven. The perpetrator was shot.

Relatives of the victims hugged each other stunned in Cetinje on Friday. An armed neighbor shot dead ten people there.

Stevo Vasiljevic / Reuters

A man shot dead ten people and injured six others in Cetinje, Montenegrin on Friday. Local media reports. The police have not yet commented on the crime. The perpetrator was shot. Montenegrin media initially reported that the police had shot the perpetrator. Prosecutor Andrijana Nastic later said that a resident shot the perpetrator.

According to media reports, the perpetrator is 34-year-old Vuk B. . After a dispute in the neighborhood, he opened fire with a hunting rifle around 3 p.m. and killed eleven people. are among the dead according to Montenegrin media also be two children. According to the police, the perpetrator first shot the two children – siblings aged eight and eleven. He also shot the children’s mother, who later succumbed to her injuries in hospital. According to the police, the family lived in Vuk B.’s house as tenants.

A police officer is said to have been among the six injured. According to TV Vijesti, his condition is stable. The Montenegrin Interior Ministry has scheduled a press conference for the evening.

The incident is said to have taken place near City Hall. The Montenegrin Attorney General is on site alongside the police and rescue workers.

Prime Minister Dritan Abazović also visited Cetinje on Friday. He declared three days of national mourning.

Man massacres in Cetinje

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