Man stabs train passenger in Saarland – perpetrator turns himself in

Stabbed unexpectedly
Knife attack in regional train in Saarland – perpetrator turns himself in

Two men are sitting opposite each other on a regional train. Shortly before the train reaches Saarbrücken, one of them stabs the other with a knife – according to current knowledge, an act with no previous history. The investigators are now hoping to gain details by questioning the perpetrator.

After a knife attack on a regional train in Saarland, the suspected perpetrator has turned himself in. The 32-year-old was arrested on Monday evening at Saarbrücken Central Station and is to be brought before the investigating judge today, said a spokeswoman for the Saarbrücken Federal Police.

No information can be given yet about the possible motive for the crime, the suspect is still being questioned. Investigations are being conducted in all directions. The 32-year-old suspect is a Turkish national who, according to current information, has not previously come to the attention of the police.

He is said to have attacked a 21-year-old man with a knife on Monday evening on a regional train and seriously but not critically injured him. The 21-year-old was stabbed in the neck area.

Witnesses wanted

The suspected murder weapon was found at the train station after the incident. Video footage from the regional train was also analyzed, said the Federal Police spokeswoman. According to current information, the victim and the suspected perpetrator did not know each other; they were sitting opposite each other in a group of four on the train.

According to reports, federal police officers provided first aid to the injured 21-year-old. He was then taken to a hospital and operated on. It can be assumed that there were witnesses to the incident, said the spokeswoman. So far, no one has come forward.

The attack occurred shortly before the train stopped at Saarbrücken Central Station. The suspect fled from the train when it stopped. After a two-hour search in the area, in which federal and state police were involved, the man turned himself in, the spokeswoman said.

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