Mandarin Check: This is how you always recognize the best fruits

Mandarin check
This is how you immediately recognize the sweetest tangerines in the supermarket

Tangerine check for gourmets: There is also a supermarket trick for tangerines to see how good they taste.


They’re healthy and tasty – actually. Because when you buy tangerines, you can really go wrong. Find out here what you should definitely pay attention to.

The pre-Christmas period isn’t just about cookies, stollen and mulled wine: juicy tangerines are also currently sweetening Advent. But each of us has probably grabbed the wrong fruit bag at some point in the supermarket and then got annoyed at the lack of taste at home.

Tangerine check: How to recognize the sweet fruits

Fortunately, this mistake can be easily avoided. Because even without a taste test, it is easy to see how delicious a tangerine is. You can find out exactly what you have to pay attention to in the video.

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