Mandatory technical inspection for two-wheelers in April 2024: what fine do we risk in the event of a violation? : Current Woman Le MAG

This is a new rule that has angered two-wheeler drivers: from April 2024, a technical inspection for these vehicles will be compulsory. This will concern mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, motor tricycles and light and heavy quadricycles. Once carried out, the technical inspection will be valid for three years.

What two-wheeler equipment will be checked?

The aim of the technical inspection is to verify that the vehicle and its equipment are compliant and that they do not represent a danger for road users. It is also used to ensure that the vehicle complies with environmental standards.

The technician at the center where the vehicle is checked will check dozens of points. They are notably “relating to the following functions: equipment brakingdirection, visibility, lights, reflective devices and electrical equipment, wheels, tiressuspension, nuisance…“, specifies the public service website.

To carry out your technical inspection, do not forget to go to a center which is approved for this type of vehicle (category L).

What results can we obtain after the two-wheel technical inspection?

Once the technical inspection of the motorcycle or scooter is carried out, its owner will receive a result: it can be favorable or unfavorable. If it is favorable, the owner will not need to return, on the other hand, if it is unfavorable it will. In the event that there is a major failure, this means that the owner must make repairs and present their vehicle again within two months. On the other hand, if your vehicle has a critical fault, then it will no longer be able to drive on the evening of the inspection.

What fine do we risk in the event of a lack of technical inspection?

Technical inspection will be compulsory and there is no choice. If you don’t do this and get stopped by the police, you risk a lot. The expected fine can go up to €750 although, as a general rule, it is €135. The police or gendarmerie can also decide to immobilize the vehicle, that is to say that the registration document is retained and a 7-day traffic sheet is given. This will allow the owner to carry out his technical inspection. He will then have to collect his registration certificate from the police, showing his technical inspection.

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