Mania Series: will Cédric Klapisch’s Greek Salad series seduce fans of L’Auberbe español?

Twenty-one years after “The Spanish Inn”, Cédric Klapisch offers “Greek Salad”, the sequel to the series, which opens the 13th edition of the Series Mania festival in Lille.

For a week, from March 17 to 24, the Séries Mania festival celebrates international fiction and welcomes the greatest talents from the small screen. To open the festivities, Cédric Klapisch presents Salade grec, the serial sequel to his trilogy launched by L’Auberge espagnol.

Released in 2002, the comedy carried by Romain Duris, Cécile de France and Audrey Tautou had created a real phenomenon in theaters – more than 2.9 million spectators. The success is such that two other films see the light of day – Russian Dolls in 2005 and Chinese Puzzle in 2013. Ten years have passed and the Xavier-Wendy couple gives way to a new generation.

In Salade grec, it is this youth that takes over, allowing the creator to take hold of current concerns, such as the migration crisis in Europe. The setting of the series, Athens, plays a fundamental role given the situation of the country, which has granted asylum to several tens of thousands of people in recent years.

A committed series

This political subject, present in the background, gives the characters the opportunity to question their place, their personal commitments and their privileges. At the heart of this story, we discover the children of Xavier and Wendy, Tom and Mia, interpreted respectively by Aliocha Schneider (Germinal) and Megan Northam (Notre-Dame, la Part du feu).

Jerome Plon

Convincing, endearing and believable, the two actors manage to take up the challenge of carrying this new plot. Responsible for renewing an already established universe, the fiction nevertheless remains faithful to the spirit of the trilogy thanks to its group dynamics which highlights the richness of different cultures.

Fans of The Spanish Inn will be able to spot several winks and will be delighted to find the heroes of the original films, namely Romain Duris, Kelly Reilly, Kevin Bishop, Barnaby Metschurat or even Cécile de France. The opportunity to mark a nice and successful passing of the torch.

Greek Salad is expected on Prime Video for April 14.

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