Many accidents in Tyrol – car landed in Bach: four injured in crash

Spectacular teaching accident on Saturday evening in Buch in Tirol. For reasons still unknown, three cars collided with full force. One car even ended up in a stream. Four people were injured, some seriously.

At around 6.40 p.m. there was a serious crash in Buch in Tirol. Three vehicles crashed on the B171 and were thrown into the adjacent meadow, one car even landed on the roof in a stream. According to initial information, four people were injured, some seriously. The accident area had to be completely closed in both directions. The Buch and Schwaz fire departments, the Schwaz/Achensee water rescue service, several ambulances, several emergency doctors and several police patrols were on duty. Young people fell on a small motorcycle. But this was not the only accident on Whit Saturday in Tyrol: a 16-year-old German arrived shortly before 3 p.m , who was apparently driving her small motorcycle too quickly into a right-hand bend, fell in St. Jakob in Defereggen (Lienz district) and slid towards the guardrail. The young woman was seriously injured and was taken to the district hospital in Lienz by the rescue team. Hit a guide post with a motorcycle. At around 4.20 p.m., a 19-year-old Austrian woman hit a guide post with her motorcycle on Brennerstrasse in Schönberg (Innsbruck-Land district), fell and fell slid on the road into the green area of ​​the oncoming lane. She was also seriously injured and had to be taken by the rescue team to the state hospital in Hall in Tirol. “The motorcycle was damaged. There was no damage to the guide post,” said the police.Serious cycling accident in the ZillertalAt around 8 p.m. there was also a serious cycling accident in Aschau in the Zillertal. According to initial information, a local man fell due to his own fault. Despite wearing a helmet, the man suffered serious injuries. The pedal knight had to be treated on site by two emergency doctors for around an hour. He was then flown to the Innsbruck clinic in Heli 4.
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