Many experts in the cabinet: Morocco has a new government

Lots of professionals in the cabinet
Morocco has a new government

In the parliamentary elections in September, the Independent National Assembly party becomes the strongest force in Morocco. Its chairman, the businessman and billionaire Aziz Akhannouch, will now be held by King Mohammed VI. lead deployed government team.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has set up a new government led by businessman and billionaire Aziz Akhannouch. The 24 members of the new cabinet, which, according to the official MPA news agency, were presented at a ceremony in the royal palace in Fez, include seven women – three more than before. The government team consists largely of experts, the foreign minister remains the non-party diplomat Nasser Bourita.

In addition to members of Akhannouch’s Independent National Assembly (RNI) party, politicians from the Liberal Party for Honesty and Modernity (PAM) also belong to the new cabinet. Both parties are considered to be closely related to the Royal Palace. In addition, representatives of the center-right Istiqal party have been appointed to the government team.

The challenges for the new government include a number of economic problems and increasing tensions with neighboring Algeria. Because of Morocco’s alleged support of the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK), Algiers broke off diplomatic relations with Rabat at the end of August.

In the parliamentary elections in Morocco on September 8, Akhannouch’s RNI had become the strongest force with 102 out of 395 seats. The moderate Islamists of the PJD party, ruling since 2011, had suffered massive losses: They only gained 13 seats. The election campaign was dominated by allegations of illegal campaign financing and voting, while content-related issues remained in the background.

Morocco has had a new constitution since 2011, which gives parliament and government much more extensive powers than before. However, decisions and instructions in many key areas continue to be made by the king.

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