Many improvements: Fritzbox receives an update


Manufacturer AVM publishes a Fritzbox firmware update. In addition to numerous improvements and bug fixes, it also brings an important new function to the router, but is not yet available for all models.

A major firmware update is now available for the Fritzbox 7490 (DSL) and the Fritzbox Cable 6490 (cable connection). The free update to FritzOS 6.60 is supposed to improve the routers, eliminate errors and add a completely new function. Here are the most important changes:

Improved internet access

Even with several connected devices, the Fritzbox should be more powerful after the update when surfing, streaming, IP TV, playing games or making calls. Among other things, AVM promises faster website build-up and faster streaming videos even when the workload is high.

Optimized IP telephony

Fritz OS 6.60 should also offer improvements when telephoning over the Internet. There should be even fewer delays in the transmission, the voice quality has been optimized and the call setup should take place more quickly even under maximum load.

New hotspot function

In line with the change in the Telemedia Act, the update of the Fritzbox adds a new hotspot function. Users can now add a welcome page to guest access and add their own photos, graphics or text. Important: Here you can also have guests confirm legal information on the use of the hotspot. According to AVM, data transmission is technically completely separate from your own WLAN and the home network. The software also offers settings to control guest access and log activities. How the WLAN hotspot is set up and what may need to be taken into account is explained by AVM on its own FAQ page.

Fritzbox 7490 users who have activated the automatic updates do not need to do anything else. All others open the user interface by entering "" in the address line in the desktop browser. Then click in the menu system on Update respectively Firmware update, looking for new firmware or one new FritzOS and starts the update. With the Fritzbox Cable 6490, the update is initially installed by the Internet provider.

The Berlin company has listed further improvements and details in an overview. AVM has not yet announced when, in addition to the two flagships, other router models will receive the update to FritzOS 6.60.

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