Marble Mania: May game show replenishment

Marble Mania
Game show replenishment in May

Chris Tall presents a new show all about marbles.

© TVNOW / W. Rutten

From May 11th, Chris Tall presents the new game show “Murmel Mania”. And there is even more replenishment in the game show world this month.

Comedian and presenter Chris Tall (29) presents from May 11th (every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. or via TVNow) the new RTL game show “Murmel Mania”, in which prominent marble fans compete against each other and play for a good cause for prize money. It’s not the only new game or quiz show to be launched in May.

“Rolling – The Quiz with a Coin”

Ross Antony (46) will present the new format “Rolling – The Quiz with the Coin” from May 10th (Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. on Sat.1). Three teams, each consisting of a candidate and a celebrity, compete against each other. In 15 rounds they have to try to roll a coin into one of ten winning or event slots on the “rolling machine”. In this way, the pairs can win or lose sums of money of different amounts in each round. Whoever has earned the highest sum at the end of the rounds can win everything in the final with a last coin toss or has to travel home empty-handed.

“Marble Mania”

Three prominent candidates each, in the first episode are Marijke Amado (67), Harry Wijnvoord (71) and Ingolf Lück (62), will compete in “Murmel Mania” in games of skill and marble races. The competitions will be commented on by Frank “Buschi” Buschmann (56). “We have built small and fine tracks, but also oversized rally tracks that are really spectacular,” promises Chris Tall. In the final game, 6,000 marbles roll against each other at the same time, the winner of the challenge can earn up to 50,000 euros for a good cause. The show produced by John de Mol (65) has already enjoyed success as “Marble Mania” in the Netherlands.

“You have to choose”

A special duo will face each other in the comedy game show “You must decide” (from May 12th, 8:15 pm on RTL or via TVNow): actor Jürgen Vogel (52, “Die Welle”) competes against comedian Mario Barth (48, “Men are primitive but happy”). In the first four parts of the new show, according to RTL, they should say goodbye to the usual cliché thinking with “instinct, knowledge of human nature and courage”. In each round of the game, the two opponents can choose one of five people to help them rethink. However, only one person at a time can really help with the question. The whole thing will be moderated by Katrin Bauerfeind (38).

“The opposite show”

Daniel Boschmann (40, “Sat.1 Breakfast TV”) will host “The Opposite Show” from May 26th (8:15 pm on Sat.1). In the format “everything is exactly the other way around than usual,” explains the broadcaster in a message. Two prominent duos duel in a mixture of quiz and action games. In the finale, the world will literally be upside down. “A program has never been explained in a simpler way. Always exactly the opposite of what you would actually expect. I want it to start immediately: It will be colorful, loud, big – great fun!”, Daniel Boschmann is happy about his own Broadcast.