Marc-Olivier Fogiel dad: he reveals a rare photo of his two daughters: Current Woman The MAG

Discreet about his private life, Marc-Olivier Fogiel gave his fans a nice surprise. Saturday, January 30, 2021, the journalist unveiled a tender photo of his daughters on his social networks. On this one, we discover Mila (10 years old) and Lily (8 years old) hugging each other tenderly without revealing their face. A cliché that the host soberly captioned: "Sisters" accompanied by several small red hearts. Likea several hundred times in just a few hours, the post touched its followers. "Pretty brotherly love! Your 2 princesses are too cute", "There is no more beautiful in the world", "Adorable your princesses", "Unconditional love" or "What a beautiful bond !!!!", "The Sisters have grown up … Young girls" and "Wonderful photo", can we read among the many messages of its subscribers. Among them, host Alessandra Sublet wrote: "As they grow up". The model Baptiste Giabiconi, the actress Farida Khelfa and the famous French businesswoman Albane Cleret commented with several heart emojis.

Surrogacy, a taboo for the daughters of Marc-Olivier Fogiel?

A true protective dad, Marc-Olivier Fogiel discloses very little information about the lives of his daughters born through surrogacy (surrogacy) in the United States. Fervent defender of this method which allowed him to become a father for the first time in 2011 and then in 2013, the journalist hopes that it will be authorized in France, and this, while he himself said he was skeptical of this technique. "I couldn't imagine that you could tear a child from a woman who carried it for nine months. And then I went to the United States and found the exact opposite of what could be said about it. When my first daughter, Mila, was born, I asked Michelle, our surrogate mother, how she felt psychologically, if she could break the bond with the child. She replied: ‘You didn't understand anything. I never made the connection. It has always been clear to me. It's your child, not mine ", had he confided in the columns of Parisian October 2018 on the occasion of the publication of his book What's wrong with my family? (Grasset editions).

In a relationship with François Roelants, the journalist explained to be transparent with his daughters about their birth : "We can hardly lie to them! Contrary to what opponents of surrogacy say, our daughters know very well how they were born. And they are not at all disturbed and even very mature for their age ". A subject that the girls bring up "easily" because "in their hearts everything is clear". "Children are much more open than we might think. And parents too when they face a reality and not a fantasy. If they suffer from something, it's my notoriety. They don't. don't like to share their daddy ", he revealed.

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