Marc Terenzi: After being kicked out of the band, he is concentrating on a solo career

Marc Terenzi
After the band was kicked out, he concentrated on a solo career

Marc Terenzi doesn’t seem to mind the band being kicked out.

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The expulsion from his band Team 5ünf doesn’t seem to bother Marc Terenzi much. The singer is already making plans for his solo career.

The fact that Marc Terenzi (44) recently got kicked out of his boy band Team 5ünf doesn’t seem to bother the musician much. Like the “Bild” newspaper reported, his colleagues accused him of “missteps”.

In an interview with the newspaper, the musician explained, among other things, that the separation was “generally okay” for him: “I had a good time with the band.” Terenzi now wants to focus on his solo career and wedding plans with his fiancée Verena Kerth (41): “I hope we can do it this year,” said the singer.

Application directly after the jungle camp

The 44-year-old made the application to his partner right after she left the jungle camp in mid-January on the beach in Australia. The two have been dating for a few months.


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