Marc Terenzi and Jay Khan: On the trail of Take That with Team 5 Five

Marc Terenzi and Jay Khan
On the trail of Take That with team 5 five

Team 5 five bow to Take That with their first single.

© Anna Boshnakova

Jay Khan and Marc Terenzi are back with team 5 five. Their first single pays homage to a famous boy band number.

"Back For Good" was a big hit by Take That in 1995. Now Team 5 Fünf wants to go on a musical journey through time with the recently released "Come back to me", a German-language reinterpretation of "Back For Good" – and also give German lyrics to the greatest boy group hits of all time for the first time.

Team 5 five includes Jay Khan (38) and Marc Terenzi (42), two of Germany's most famous ex-boy band members. As former members of the US5 and Natural bands, they have sold more than 15 million records together. Together with David Lei Brandt (35), Joel de Tombe (39) and Sven Light (24) Jay Khan and Marc Terenzi now form the new band. In German, the singers want to "breathe new life" into unique hits on their debut album "once boy band and back", according to the musicians' plans.