March 2024: horoscope of the month for Gemini: Current Woman Le MAG

Like spring which is just around the corner, this month of March 2024 carries the energy of an awakening, even an awakening. For Gemini, we remain focused on the personal and particularly relational sphere but with an energy that is the opposite of FEBRUARY : after the halftone, place at the top. To accompany you, Venus, the Moon, Mercury and Mars are in your neighborhood. Details with Isabelle Elvira, astrologer Current wife.

Gemini horoscope month by month: what has in store for you the month of March 2024

This month of March 2024 promises to be fruitful, as much for your professional life as for your relationships. In full update, you gather your strengths, take control of your well-being and take action behind your great ambitions. With common sense and flexibility, you manage even your big emotions. Discover the details of your forecasts with, for each area of ​​life, the key dates to remember.

March 2024 for Gemini : key dates for work and money

On the 11th, Venus, the planet of love, enters its place of exaltation in Pisces and seeks to stabilize your financial and professional situation. It may be about making more personal investments or savings. For example, if new training or development is expensive, you might not hesitate to bet everything on yourself! Let your ambition guide your actions and abandon, for a time, your many emotional relationships. Think about yourself, even if this new less light attitude creates some conflicts.

The 20, the Sun enters Aries to celebrate the beautiful spring equinox and guides you towards a new professional vocation or a hobby that could become a source of income. Conserve your energy well and make sure you refuel by taking care of your routines and diet. Great successes await you if you stay focused on your goals. Do not fear the judgment of others and their petty jealousies. You are the most motivated in the group!

What is the professional future this year of Gemini according to the astro?

Once again, if February was mixed and demotivating, this is an energy that should reboost you, dear Gemini. Mars brings the dynamic and strength of ambition, particularly on the professional side. And this is just the beginning for this year. For more information on your career, check out the Gemini 2024 work and money horoscope.

Horoscope of the month for Gemini : our love forecasts

The 10th, the sensitive New Moon in Pisces sets the mood and sends you a lot of emotions. It could be a cause of stress and nervousness if you push yourself too hard to find quick resolutions and solutions. Agree to leave some things unresolved and feel free to stop a dialogue even momentarily, go into withdrawal mode and focus on your own creativity. Step by step and without forcing yourself, come back to yourself and your own ideas.

On the 25th, the Full Moon in Libra brings you air, movement and a real chance to make peace in a complicated relationship. A heartfelt conversation might happen or an unexpected encounter in a completely new environment. Your differences will be strengths.

Man or woman: when will Gemini find love in 2024? What are the luckiest signs?

If finding love is part of your plans for 2024, check the plans that the stars have for you, period by period. Indeed, our astrologer also looked at your year on the heart and luck side. Discover the 2024 Love horoscope for Gemini by Current wife.

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Geminiour health and personal life forecasts for March

On the 10th, Mercury, your planet of ideas, arrives in Aries and helps you act instinctively in the face of the many opportunities, novelties and waves of opportunity that arise. Your flexibility will be your greatest asset. A timely word, an idea that chases another and presto, you’re sailing! Great creative or artistic success is possible and you might discover a whole new passion. Continue to focus everything on your freedom and independence of mind.

On the 23rd, Mars, the planet of action, enters Pisces and helps you not to lose your footing in the surrounding confusion. You remain methodical and diligent and great realizations will be the result. Your health and nervous balance still depend a lot on others and their mistakes. Strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from draining relationships. You will be better able to manage and resolve urgent problems if you no longer spend energy fixing a failing person or connection.

On the 25th, the Full Moon in Libra is an eclipse and gives you the strength to free yourself from the little daily or family troubles that still took up too much of your time, money, patience or energy.

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Our astrologer’s advice for the month of March 2024

No matter what project or ambition drives you, March is the month to persevere. The stars are at your side. Continue without doubting yourself, even if others are jealous. Focus on your creativity and flexibility and immunize yourself from toxic surroundings. On the contrary, stay channeled!

Gemini: Your Lucky Day in March

The 18th: the long-awaited conversation arrives, express yourself!

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