Marco Cerullo: Christina Grass gives love a second chance with him

Marco Cerullo
Christina Grass gives love a second chance with him

Another heart and soul: Marco Cerullo and Christina Grass

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Marco Cerullo and Christina Grass are back together after a brief separation. Does that mean that your engagement is ready to be announced again?

As suddenly as the separation from Christina Grass (32) on New Year's Eve 2020, Marco Cerullo (32) can now, almost three weeks later, announce the love comeback. Cerullo announced with a couple photo on Instagram that the two former candidates of the dome show "Bachelor in Paradise" have found each other again.

The fans of the model and the actress have since used the comment area of ​​the photo to express their joy at the crisis they have overcome. Through several Instagram stories, Cerullo had affirmed that "I know what I want in the future. I also know that I want to continue to be with Christina." He also said that he was to blame for the short-term separation: "I made decisions that sucked."

After Cerullo and Grass fell in love with "Bachelor in Paradise" in 2019, they always shared their happiness with their followers via Instagram. They even got engaged shortly after the show. Has anything changed after the short break? "Our engagement remains, of course," asserts Cerullo. Grass adds: "The wedding will have to wait a bit now because we will find each other again first, but that doesn't automatically end."