Mareva Galanter elected Miss France 1999: her astonishing reaction the evening of her victory!

This Wednesday, November 22, Mareva Galanter gave an interview to Evening Mag. The opportunity for the former beauty queen national, elected in December 1999, to discuss his multiple career, which took directions in the recording industry, in the animation of television shows and in the cinema. But for it all to begin, from a professional point of view, Arthur’s partner had to participate in Miss France, even though she never imagined for a single moment winning the crown.

In the columns of our colleagues, Manava’s mother explained that she had an unexpected reaction to say the least when she was elected the most beautiful woman in the country. While the eliminated ones were revealed, one by one during the ceremony, she confided what “I didn’t think[t] only one thing” namely at “return ticket for the next day” that she had already reserved to return to Polynesia. And once elected, at the age of only 19, Mareva Galanter spent the night in the suite of a Parisian palace, as is customary for every young beauty queen. “Once in my room, I started… to cry! I knew I was going to find myself caught in a whirlwind that scared me,” she said, in all frankness.

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A young woman pushed by her family

While her reigning year as Miss France 1999 “went well”, she explained that obtaining such a title was not her dream and that she had not even chosen, herself, to participate. “For a very long time, I said nothing because I had the feeling of having stolen the place of a young girl whose supreme goal was”declared Mareva Galanter, who became a model at 14 by posing for a friend who did photography, and who agreed to apply for Miss Tahiti, in front of “the insistence of [s] family”. The victories kept coming, without her being mentally prepared. Despite everything, this competition seems to have allowed us to diversify, going where the wind takes us.

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