Mareva Galanter very low-cut in a male costume: the ex-Miss France reveals herself to be ultra sexy!

A few days ago, Mareva Galanter flew again to Tahiti where she is from. First to spend a sweet All Saints’ Day holiday there with her beloved daughter Manava (7 years old, born of her union with the animator Arthur), but also to carry out some professional projects. Because, how not to combine work and pleasure in the middle of such a heavenly setting?

The 43-year-old former Miss France also took full advantage of the beauty of her island during an outdoor shoot for the magazine Fenua Orama which talks about beauty, fashion and news. And things weren’t done by halves! Indeed, Mareva Galanter was dressed in pants and a black suit jacket. And nothing else. Very open, his jacket thus left a great view of his chest, as revealed by a snapshot posted in story Instagram this Tuesday, November 1. In another image, the sublime Mareva Galanter even dares to get a little closer to the lens for a selfie with the shooting teams, revealing a closer shot of her beautiful cleavage. She is simply gorgeous! (See our slideshow).

There is no doubt that this preview of her future appearance in the local magazine will turn heads on the Web, and will prove, once again, that Mareva Galanter definitely has nothing to envy to the new beauty queens. But no excitement since the beautiful brunette has been a woman in love for many years. With Arthur, she indeed forms a solid couple following their meeting in 2008 on the set of the show Panic in the headset. They even officially united in Tahiti, without anyone knowing it a little while ago now. Manava’s mother had ended up spilling the beans on August 3 for their wedding anniversary, without however indicating the precise date through a photo on which we see them dressed in white. “coconut tree wedding“, soberly captioned Mareva.

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