Margaux Pinot: 5 months later, the judoka meets Alain Schmitt again and finally talks about the case between them

It’s a story that has turned the small world of French judo upside down. End of November 2021, Margaux Pinot and his companion at the time Alain Schmitt argue violently at the home of the judoka. After the intervention of the police, the case takes a legal turn and the 28-year-old young woman accuses the then coach of domestic violence. Finally released, the 38-year-old man was able to give his version of the facts, which differs widely.

Almost five months after the events, the two former lovers have each rebuilt their lives on their own and if Margaux Pinot has remained in France, Alain Schmitt went to Bulgaria to train the women’s national judo team. This Saturday, the European Championships took place … in Bulgaria and the two judokas therefore found themselves on Saturday a few meters from each other. A difficult situation to live for the young woman: “I was prepared for it, then I had to take it upon myself, especially at the start of the competition”she assured the microphone of RMC.

A page turns to let a new one be written… and with what energy and serenity

A difficult competition to tackle for Margaux Pinot, but she finally knew how to find the resources to get the bronze medal during these European championships. Proud, the judoka posted a long message on her Instagram account a few hours ago to discuss her state of mind. “Much more than a medal in my eyes. A page turns to let a new one be written… and with what energy and serenity. Today I’m better, I’m fine. I listen to myself, and that’s the main thing when you decide to be happy. Thank you to the people present and concerned about my well-being”, she wrote. A beautiful message that shows that she was able to bounce back after this particularly traumatic episode.

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