Margot Robbie: Hollywood Beauty Reveals Exact Nutrition Plan And Cheat Day

Margot Robbie
Hollywood Beauty Reveals Her Exact Nutrition Plan And Cheat Day

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In a new interview, film beauty Margot Robbie reveals her exact nutrition plan and other tips and tricks that will help her keep her dream figure as a “Barbie”. But even movie stars need a Cheat Day and Margot has it all!

All of Hollywood is already at her feet. Actress Margot Robbie, 30, has been impressing the Hollywood film world for several years with her talent and a breathtaking dream figure. The film beauty is currently in front of the camera for a new action film about the legendary Barbie doll and perfection is a “must”. In an interview with Women’s Health, she talks about the meals and workouts that help her cope with strenuous days on set. Self-care is an essential part of Margot’s routine!

Margot Robbie: “I’ve been obsessed with tea since I’ve lived in England”

“Breakfast usually consists of porridge and a smoothie, which boosts immunity,” said Margot Robbie in an interview. That gets her through the first part of her day in front of the camera. She adds, “I usually have a chicken salad for lunch and a tuna steak with sweet potato for dinner.” To get enough fluids, she drinks tea all day. “I’ve been obsessed with it since I’ve lived in the UK,” admits the Australian actress.

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On Cheat Day there is a burger with truffle aioli, french fries and beer

While her daily diet mainly consists of proteins and greens during a film shoot, she can also be very different on Cheat Day. Margot’s favorite food? “I love burgers and fries, which I order with half a liter of beer. In the US, my favorite food is a double truffle burger from the American chain Umami Burger: It contains a truffle and cheese fondue, truffle aioli and truffle icing.”

Better to dance with friends than workouts in the gym

When it comes to exercise, she likes Pilates. Weightlifting? Not her thing. “I found boxing and combat exercises for ‘Suicide Squad’ really fun, but quickly realized I wasn’t that much of a weightlifting fan,” says Margot. “When I’m not preparing for a certain role, I prefer to do workouts that I really like, like dance classes or tennis with friends.” In the evenings, Margot makes sure that she creates a stress-free environment. “I relax with a face mask, light a few soothing scented candles and listen to relaxing music. And when I’ve had a particularly hard day, I make myself a bubble bath and enjoy a cold beer with it. Pure bliss. ”

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