Marianne James, her reluctant breakup with a man she was “crazy” in love with: “I did the right thing because…”

By Claire Legrand


A journalist of Belarusian origin, Claire has worked at Purepeople since 2019. An unconditional fan of the Sex And The City series, she also knows most of the RnB sounds of the 90s and 2000s by heart. Blue flower and eternal romantic, she is interested in everything particularly to the love lives of stars.

On February 18, 2024, Marianne James celebrates her 62nd birthday. Very secretive about her love life, the former M6 juror had made rare confidences about a former lover with whom she had fallen “madly” in love. A man she felt obliged to leave.

Marianne James, her reluctant breakup with a man she was “crazy” in love with: “I did the right thing because…”

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Famous show juror New star And France has an unbelievable talent, Marianne James experienced romantic disappointments. One of them had a profound impact on her. Interviewed by the magazine Current wifeshe described feeling forced to leave a man she loved in order to preserve him.

“I left someone I loved, to give him free rein. I felt that he was not sure of himself, that my strength of persuasion had dragged him into my oars (…) It was me who left and I did well because he wouldn’t have left on his own. And we would have built our story on a lieshe explained, adding that she was nevertheless “crazy, crazy about that man.”

Since then, this mysterious lover has found another woman with whom he shares his daily life. “He made his life quite well elsewhere, with someone much calmer and much more expected too!” revealed Marianne James who seems to have taken a lot of perspective on this story.

Marianne James, a heart to take?

Always very discreet about her private life, she made her relationship with Bertrand Edl official by appearing with him in the stands of the Roland-Garros tournament in June 2017. At that time, she revealed to Gala that they did not live under the same roof:“He understood me. We each live in our own homes, we only share the best. Sometimes I no longer believe in it, I get a little desperate, it doesn’t last long. My solar side has its lunar side , it goes with it.” A few years later in 2022, she announced their separation.

Invited on Faustine Bollaert’s set for the release of her magazine Between usMarianne James had indicated that she had difficulty finding love because of her status. “Men come because you’re famous and they leave because of that. The last one I was madly in love with left me saying: ‘It’s difficult to live in your shadow’. (…) Yet I presented him to everyone, I was very proud. It’s difficult for a man to evolve alongside a famous woman, who also has more money” she regretted.

Currently on tour with her show Tout est dans la voix, Marianne James will be in Pacé on February 21, in Enghien les Bains on March 10 or in Montélimar on March 15 and 16.

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