Marie-Luise Marjan: Birthday wishes from her two "Lindenstrasse" husbands

Marie-Luise Marjan has been here for 80 years. On this occasion there are touching greetings for mother Beimer from "Lindenstrasse".

Actress Marie-Luise Marjan celebrates her 80th birthday today on August 9th. Of these 80 years of life, she spent almost 35 in front of the camera as Helga Beimer for "Lindenstrasse" – so it's no wonder that two very special colleagues congratulate her on her special day. Bill Mockridge (73) and Joachim H. Luger (76) each embodied a TV husband of Marjan, Mockridge alias Erich Schiller even entered into the serial bond for life with her twice. In "Bild am Sonntag" the actors dedicate hearty lines to Marjan.

Mockridge writes: "During the filming in 'Lindenstrasse' we were often so in agreement that I was able to complete your sentences (…) We could trust each other blindly and rely on each other. As in real life." For her 80th birthday he wishes her "all the best, luck, health and … but you know what I want to say anyway, we understand each other even without words".

Love and respect from the "Hansemann"

Luger played Helga Beimer's husband Hans, from whom she divorced in 1991. During their long time together in front of the camera, the actor writes: "We had our first meeting in the early 1970s at the Lübeck City Theater. A few years later I became your husband on 'Lindenstrasse'."

The fact that the series stayed on the air for so long was largely due to her. And yet she found the time to stand up for children in need away from the cameras. "That earns me a lot of respect. Where on earth do you get the strength for it !?", the four-year-old actor wants to know from Marjan. He ends his text in honor of his former TV wife with the words: "Feel hugged by your old 'Hansemann'."