Marie Nasemann: snapshot shows her daughter’s funny habit

Marie Nasemann
Super proud of her daughter! “Love Her Women-Spreading”

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Marie Nasemann shared a golden snapshot of her five-month-old daughter on Instagram. On it, the little one poses in her favorite sleeping position – and not only makes her mum laugh.

Marie Nasemann, 33, stands for sustainable fashion, open-mindedness, equal parenting and work-life-mum balance. Apparently, some of Marie’s beliefs and values ​​are already rubbing off on her daughter. Her little girl was born in October 2021 and she is already showing the world: I deserve a lot of space here!

Marie Nasemann shares details from her life as a mother of two

On Instagram, the model publishes a golden snapshot that shows her daughter in her current “favourite sleeping position”. In the picture, Marie Nasemann’s baby is lying in a sports buggy. The funny thing about it: Your child has laid both feet casually on the side handles. Here the stroller is used in the truest sense of the word with all its corners and edges. “Love her women-spreading [sic]”, Nasemann writes about the private recording.

Marie Nasemann's Instagram story


“Womanspreading” is an action by women against so-called “manspreading”; i.e. men sitting with their legs apart on benches or in public transport. Thousands of pictures are circulating on Instagram in which women also adopt this pose, spreading themselves completely consciously and making room for themselves. Marie Nasemann’s daughter is a real pioneer and shows at a young age that women deserve just as much space as men. It clearly needs exactly the kind of girls and women who do away with stereotypes and emphasize equality. The 33-year-old is already proud of her daughter – even if she certainly chooses her pose for other reasons.

Marie Nasemann: “She is such an angel”

The podcaster is currently taking a vacation with some of her friends. Her daughter couldn’t be left out. For Marie Nasemanns it is an incredible gift that she can spend this time away from home with her child. On Instagram she reveals: “It’s so good to just have exclusive time for the little one. She’s such an angel. She makes everything possible that I’ve always imagined doing with a baby.”

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