Marie Nasemann: That is why being a mother gives her so much joy

Marie Nasemann
Model reveals “real reason” for becoming a mother

Marie Nasemann loves her family life – and that’s not just because of her great children …


Family life brings a lot of variety and new experiences. Marie Nasemann likes to share this with her fans. Now she reveals on Instagram the not very serious reason for being a mother.

Marie Nasemann is more than happy with her life as a mom. After she gave birth to her first child in April 2020, the son of her and her husband Sebastian Tigges can recently look forward to a new addition to the family: his little sister was born in October 2021.

Marie Nasemann – secret passion as the real reason for your family life?

The couple speaks openly about the positive and negative sides of being a parent and about their marriage. In a new post on Instagram, the model presents a high point of family life that simply makes her happy. Happily, she even jokingly goes so far as to explain that this activity was the real reason for becoming a mother. In the video you can see why the blogger was in such a good mood.

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