Marie-Sophie Lacarrau in “Les 12 coups de midi”: Bruno reveals what was cut during the editing

Monday March 8, 2021 marked a new international day of struggle for women's rights. Si Nagui has decided to put the fairer sex in the spotlight, by inviting only female candidates to the set of Everyone wants to take its place, his rival Jean-Luc Reichmann has decided to invite a special guest. His colleague from TF1, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, therefore landed on the plateau of Twelve strokes of noon ! A good surprise for all viewers who are used to staying on Channel 1, after their favorite game, to watch their news. The presenter of the 13 Hours confided in her role as successor to the "monument" Jean-Pierre Pernaut, as well as on her experience as a woman on television. But she also took the opportunity to chat a bit with Bruno, the current lunchtime master.

She was in high school right next to mine, and Jean-Luc Reichmann too! ”

For his 50th victory in the show, celebrated two days later, Bruno agreed to give an interview to Current wife. The opportunity to question him about his unexpected meeting with Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, and to learn a little more about what happened off the air! “I didn't know she was coming until she got on set, so I couldn't speak to her backstage. It was the last shoot of the day, it was past 9 p.m., so we all left after … glad to go to sleep ", told us in particular the young champion of 29 years. However, he assured that the journalist had shown herself "very nice" with him : "It was cut during the editing but we talked a bit, she was in high school right next to mine, and Jean-Luc too. It was funny, the three of us studied in Toulouse, in three different but very close high schools. We also talked about Fontenilles, my village, which she knew ", he told us.

During this rather peculiar program, Bruno made a rather surprising request to Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, concerning her stronghold of Haute-Garonne. “I asked him to do a report on optical fiber because it still does not exist in Fontenilles. We must denounce this situation! ”, he had fun. “It's a village of 6,000 people so I understand it's not a national priority, but almost all the villages around have it. This is part of the campaign promises of our new mayor, who actually texted me after I spoke about it on TV. It’s not for now, but it’s one of my life plans! ”, he explained to us, before joking:Everyone has their own struggles, me is the optical fiber in Fontenilles. If my little media coverage can be of any use… ” It remains to be seen whether the JT star of TF1 will keep its promise to investigate the connection problems in the Toulouse suburbs!

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